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Project: Volkswagen T6.1 Range




Volkswagen T6.1 Range

Working with the VW T6.1 Range, TBC Mobility Conversions and our customers have a blank canvas that can be converted into the ideal WAV for effortless day-to-day travel. With flexible seating, remote wheelchair access and independent driving options, TBC Mobility Conversions can design a wheelchair accessible vehicle to suit a wide range of tailored customer requirements.

Stand out on the road for the right reasons

Choosing your WAV from the VW T6.1 Range ensures you will make a real impact on the road. The impressive exterior boasts striking features that have become synonymous with VW classic design, and an elegant and intelligent interior ensures comfort and safety for both drivers and passengers.

At TBC Mobility Conversions, we bring our own innovative technology together with Volkswagen’s expert engineering to create wheelchair accessible vehicles that are as functional as they are fabulous.


Ease of access is essential to our customers that’s why our VW T6.1 wheelchair accessible vehicles are converted to allow a rear entry height of 129cm and a side entry height of 122 cm, We have the tallest entry height on the VW T6.1 WAV Range when compared to other converters, just one of the innovative conversion elements that earned us VW Commercial Vehicles Recognised Converter status.

Autolift Rear Tail Lift:
  • Lifting Capacity 400 kg
  • Folding Platform
  • Platform Width 800 mm
  • Platform Length 1400 mm
  • Unit Weight 143 kg

The Autolift Tail Lift we supply with the VW T6.1 Range pairs seamlessly with Volkswagen’s stylish interiors and can be remotely deployed and stowed away efficiently.

AutoLift F6 Multilink Evo
  • Loading capacity 300 kg
  • Platform dimension 760 mm x 1160 mm
  • Unit weight <140 kg

For side access, we provide the AutoLift F6 Multilink Evo ultra-slim cassette lift which stows away discreetly beneath the vehicle without compromising the original VW fuel tank or exhaust system.

We utilise the latest and most cutting edge technology in our wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions allowing us to supply subtle mobility adaptions that are discreet and simple to use.


We know that the most important thing to many of our clients is the ability to retain their freedom on the road. At TBC Mobility Conversions, we take the stress and effort out of driving with our intelligent conversions providing wheelchair-using drivers with flexibility and independence for effortless day-to-day travel.

With the T6.1 Range, we are able to provide drivers with a choice of how they’d like to access and drive their vehicle.

Our drive from configuration provides quick and hassle-free access to the driver’s seat with a safe and automated wheelchair locking system and bespoke driving adaptions to suit the driver’s exact needs. Simply access your WAV using the automated lift of your choice, lock in and go.

Alternatively, the T6.1 Range can be supplied with a 6-way seat to enable internal transfer. This ergonomic option allows a wheelchair-using driver to transfer with ease from wheelchair to driver’s seat, securing their chair in place and electronically adjusting themselves into the driver position.

Internal transfer 6 way seat VW T6.1

Both of these options will offer complete independent driver access without compromising the look, feel or useable passenger space. Our drive-from and internal transfer configurations completely eliminate the need for wheelchairs to be disassembled before and after every road journey, saving both time and effort when all you want to do is drive.


The abundance of interior space in the T6.1 Range coupled with discreet access aids supplied and fitted by TBC Mobility Conversions allows us to provide cleverly converted wheelchair accessible vehicles that are able to suit a variety of passenger carrier configurations.

The T6.1 Range can be expertly adapted to offer passengers a comfortable and safe space in which to enjoy travel on the road. From upfront passenger positions, where wheelchair users are able to be seated next to the driver safely and securely without leaving their chair, to ergonomic tip and fold seats able to accommodate additional passengers as well as the wheelchair user.

The choices are endless and that’s why the team at TBC Mobility Conversions are here to provide expert guidance and advice to help you choose the WAV that’s right for you

Mobility Conversions
up to 6
up to 2
Rear Entry Height
129 cm
Side Entry Height
121 cm
Wheelchair access
Remote tail lift or side lift

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